Filae now allows you to add new relatives for each person.

Life is not a quiet road and every child can have parents and relatives that change over time :

  • Biological parents
  • Adoptive parents
  • Legal parents
  • Foster parents (raising the child without necessarily adopting)
  • Putative parents (assumed parents)
  • Tutors

You now add all the relatives that you want.
For example a biological father, an adoptive father, a tutor, a biological mother and a foster mother !
Note that you can also add godparents without entering the baptism : witnesses, godparents, hints to add
New relatives for each individual.
This new function is in Beta version. If you have comments and suggestions, please let us know by sending us a message.


How to proceed ?

  1. In your tree, go to the individual file
  2. Click the add people icon to the right of "family circle"
  3. Click on Other Relative
  4. Choose the role
  5. Enter the person's first and last name. Note that you still can change the role
  6. Filae shows the homonyms present in your genealogy. Click on an existing person to select them or click on create
  7. The person appears now in the family circle, in the alternative family ties




Change a role

  1. modifier-fiche-02In your tree, go to the profile Family Tree - Enter biological parents, adoptive parents, tutors...
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the right of "family circle"
  3. Select the desired role
  4. Click on Save or Cancel in case of a mistake


Delete a relationship

Nobody is perfect ! You can make a mistake in a relative ? Note that deleting a link doesn't delete the person. You can cut the ties without a problem.

  1. supprimer-liensIn your tree, go to the profile
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the right of "family circle"
  3. On the right of the person, click on the scissors
  4. Click on Yes, delete the link or No en case of a mistake 


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