FILAE policy on cookies

FILAE is committed to protect your privacy. Our goal is to provide you with trusted products and services so you can focus on researching your origins and interacting with genealogy enthusiasts. Our approach to confidentiality is to provide you with clear information about our data practices.

This cookie policy explains what cookies are, what type of cookies are placed on your device when you visit our websites and how we use them. These elements are an integral part of our privacy policy which we invite you to consult here.

What’s a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file sent to your internet browser or the memory of your device. It usually contains the domain name (the Internet location) from which the cookie originated, the "lifetime" of the cookie (when it expires), and a randomly generated unique number. A cookie may also contain information about your device (computer, tablet or mobile device), such as user settings, browsing history, and activities during your visit to our site.

Are there different types of cookie ?

Proprietary and third-party cookies
The proprietary cookies are placed on your terminal directly by FILAE. For example, we use proprietary cookies to allow you to stay connected to every page you visit or for us to better understand how you use our website and any errors you may encounter. Third-party cookies are placed on your device by our partners and service providers. For example, we use third-party cookies to measure the number of users on our website or to allow you to share content with others on social media.

Session cookies and persistent cookies
Session cookies expire when you close your browser. We use these session cookies for a variety of reasons, including to learn more about your use of our website during a single browser session and to help you use our website more effectively.
Persistent cookies have a longer life and are not automatically deleted when you close your browser. These types of cookies are mainly used to help you identify yourself again on our website and for analysis purposes.

What about other tracking technologies, such as tracking pixels?

Other Internet technologies such as tags (also called tracking pixels or invisible gifs), tracking URLs are used for similar purposes. Internet tags are small graphic files that contain a unique identifier that allows us to recognize when someone has visited our service or opened an email that we sent them. Tracking URLs are randomly generated links that help us understand where the traffic to our web pages comes from.
For simplicity in this Policy on the use of cookies, we also refer to these technologies as "cookies".

Why do we use cookies ?

Like the vast majority of online service providers, we use cookies to provide, secure and improve our services, including by remembering your preferences, recognizing you when you visit our website and customizing your experience on the site to your interests. To achieve these ends, it’s possible in some cases, that we link the information of cookies to other personal information about you and that we keep.
When you visit our website, some or all of the following types of cookies may be set on your device.

Essential website cookies
Those cookies are strictly necessary to offer you the services available through our website and to use some of its features, such as access to secure areas.

Analysis cookies
Those cookies help us understand how our website is used, measure the efficiency of our marketing campaigns, and help us customize and improve our websites for you.

Advertising cookies
These cookies aren’t used on FILAE since the site doesn’t offer advertising. For your information, these cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to you.
They permit to prevent the same advertisement from constantly reappearing, ensuring that ads are properly displayed for advertisers, selecting ads that are based on your interests and measuring the number of ads and their performance, such as the number of people who clicked on the ad.

Social networking cookies
These cookies are used to allow you to share pages and content that you find interesting on our website on other websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... These cookies can also be used for advertising purposes.

How can you control the cookies ?

Many options for managing cookies are at your disposal. Please note that changes you make to your cookie preferences may make your browsing experience on our website a little less satisfying. In some cases, you may even be unable to use all or part of our site. For those reasons, we invite you to accept all the cookies we offer.

Browser Controls
Commonly used browsers offer settings that allow you to control or reject cookies or to alert you when a cookie is placed on your computer. The procedure for managing cookies is slightly different for each Internet browser. You can check the following steps in the help menu of your particular browser.

Our system will generate cookies as soon as you visit our website unless you have changed your browser settings. Remember that if you change your browser settings to block all cookies (especially those that are essential), you may not be able to access certain parts of our site.

You can also configure your browser to alert you whenever a site sends a cookie. Each browser works differently, but here are the instructions to manage your cookies on all the browsers we support:

  • Internet Explorer : Commonly used browsers offer settings that allow you to control or reject cookies or to alert you when a cookie is placed on your computer. The procedure for managing cookies is slightly different for each Internet browser. You can check the following steps in the help menu of your particular browser.
  • Safari : Choose "Preferences" from the Safari menu and select "Privacy". You will be able to see your Cookie Settings and choose your settings.
  • Mozilla Firefox : Click "Menu," "Options," "Privacy," then select "Firefox goes:" to customize the history settings. You then can choose your settings.
  • Google Chrome : Click on the "Menu" and select Settings. At the bottom of the page, select "View advanced settings". In the "Privacy" section, click the "Content Settings" button. In the "Cookies" section, choose your preferred settings.

How to identify my browser ?
If you are using a PC, you can find which browser you are using by clicking "Help" at the top of your browser window and selecting "About".
If you are using an Apple computer, click the Apple menu when the browser is open and select "About".
Browser interfaces often change. Do not hesitate to consult their help sections.

Interest-based advertising tools
You may choose to withdraw of consulting interest-based online advertisements from participating companies through the Digital Advertising Alliance, the Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance or Appchoices (only for mobile or tablet applications).
To withdraw doesn’t mean you will not see any ads anymore. This means that you will not see any more custom ads from companies participating in withdraw programs. In addition, if you delete cookies from your device after you have disengaged, you will need to withdraw again.

Social media cookies
In order for you to share content on social media, some features of the website use social application features (ex Twitter's™ "Share on Twitter" or Facebook ™ "Like" buttons) provided by third parties. Depending on the settings of your social media account, we automatically receive information from the social media platform when you use the corresponding button on our website.
To learn more about social media cookies, we suggest you refer to the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy of the Social Media Platform.

Cookies Google™
A few things that Google wants to make sure you know about Google's Data Collection Technology

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics, a service of Google that uses cookies and other data collection technologies to collect information about your use of the website and services to report on website trends.

You can withdraw from Google Analytics by visiting page or by downloading the deactivation module of Google Analytics in your browser at

List of cookies FILAE

You will find below the list of cookies used by FILAE and their description.

Noms Catégories Types Domaines Expiration
.ASPXAUTH essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistent (2days)
__cfduid réseau social Tiers (feedly) Persistent
__cfduid analyse Tiers (wisepops) Persistent
__hstc analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistent (4month)
__pwpv analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistent (30min)
_dc_gtm_UA-4944018-16 analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistent (1min)
_dc_gtm_UA-4944018-18 analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistent (1min)
_dc_gtm_UA-72474259-1 analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (1min)
_ga analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (2ans)
_ga analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistant (4mois)
_gali analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (1min)
_gat_UA-4944018-17 analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (1min)
_gid analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (24h)
_kuid_ publicité Tiers (krux) Persistant
ASP.NET_SessionId essentiel Propriétaire Filae Session
c_user réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (3mois)
cikneeto publicité Propriétaire Filae Session
cikneeto_uuid publicité Propriétaire Filae Persistant (1an)
ConnexionAutomatiqueNew essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (3ans)
cookiebanner-accepted essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant
date_premiere_visite analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
datr réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (16mois)
DomainName essentiel Propriétaire Filae Session
e analyse Tiers (etsat) Persistant
fr réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (3mois)
free_consult_numb analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
gtmsession analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
hsfirstvisit analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistant (8ans)
hubspotutk analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistant (8ans)
IDE publicité Tiers(doubleclick) Persistant
idOffre essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
intercom-id analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistant (18ans)
intercom-lou-ssmb9cx2 essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (1an)
intercom-session-ssmb9cx2 essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (7jours)
isOnboardingHomePageConnectedActive analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
isOnboardingHomePageConnectedActive analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant
isOnboardingViewerActive analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
isOnboardingViewerActive analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant
JSESSIONID réseau social Tiers (feedly) Persistant
JSESSIONID analyse Tiers (new relic) Persistant
lastDatePopupShowed analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (30jours)
modulo10 analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
modulo100 analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
modulo2 analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
modulo5 analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
modulo50 analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
moteur_derniere_consultation_date analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
moteur_derniere_consultation_type_base analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
nb_pages_vues analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
NID publicité Tiers (google) Persistant
optimizelyBuckets analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
optimizelyBuckets analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistant (8ans)
optimizelyEndUserId analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
optimizelyEndUserId analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistant (8ans)
optimizelyPendingLogEvents analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (1min)
optimizelySegments analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
optimizelySegments analyse Tiers (hotjar) Persistant (8ans)
page_entree analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
PageType analyse Propriétaire Filae Session
pnl_data2 réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (1min)
ps-filae-SG-IIPImagePROD essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
ps-filae-SG-Web-Cache essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
ps-filae-SG-Web-FILAE essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (10ans)
pstuid analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (30min)
pstuid analyse Tiers (powerspace) Persistant
sb réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (18mois)
SearchResultCookie essentiel Propriétaire Filae Session
SelectedCategoryNameCookie essentiel Propriétaire Filae Session
SelectedNameCookie essentiel Propriétaire Filae Session
SelectedNameHrefCookie essentiel Propriétaire Filae Session
site_referer analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
tree_view essentiel Propriétaire Filae Session
url_arrivee analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
url_referer analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
UserOffersPageTrackingDetails essentiel Propriétaire Filae Persistant (3ans)
utm_campaign analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
utm_medium analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
utm_source analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (15jours)
vuid analyse Tiers (vimeo) Persistant
wd réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (5jours)
wisepops analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (24h)
wisepops_noshow analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (1mois)
wisepops_props analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (20ans)
wisepops_session analyse Propriétaire Filae Persistant (2h)
xs réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (5jours)
x-src réseau social Tiers (facebook) Persistant (1min)

Last update : may 23th 2018