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I am a mom who helps her son who is 18 years old in a few months, found his English paternal family. Actually his father died 17 years ago, we lived in London, we returned in France and being young, I did not keep(guard) contact with his uncle and his aunt, too many pains to be surmounted(overcome). today I need you. His father was called David Dunster, born on September 16th, 1966 in Brighton. His parents() were called Roy and Majorie Dunster, lived in bournemouth, unfortunately dead. There is a sister debbie Dunster and brother Alan Dunster. I need your help to have solutions for find them. Thank you a lot
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The brother Alan Philip Dunstan was born in 1968.
There is a 48 year old Alan P Dunstan in Cardiff, so I wondered whether this could be him (do you recognise the picture?):
(There is an address for him, but I'll wait until you confirm that it is the correct one)

There is nothing at all for “Debbie”, not even a birth. Do you know her real first names and/or a possible married surname?

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