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Famille Laffely
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Aide in finding Famille Laffely. Ballaigues ou Valeyres-sous-Rances


Famille Laffely
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Hello Wendy,
All over the net you place your request. I have to tell you that your Laffely family, is not from Ballaigues or Valleyres-sous-Rances. Mr. François Laffely who did the genalogy of the 2 branches in the Canton de Vaud, has not your ancestor in his trees. Probably your Laffely family is from the Franche Comté (France). Somebody indicated in a message on another site 2 villages in the Franche Comté where you find Lafffely. Therefore, you will have to order the microfilms and search yourself. Sorry but the genealogists of the Canton de Vaud cannot help you more.
I think that at the origin ca 1400 some Laffely from the Franche Comté came over to the Canton de Vaud and settled there in Ballaigues and later a family Laffely from Ballaigues settled in Vallereyres sous Rances. CYD
Famille Laffely
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Hi Wendy,

The french origin of Louis Laffely and his wife Zelie is clearly stated on the 1880 US Census
(Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA).
The family of his son Charles can then be found in State Maine on the Census 1900 (erroneously as Laffeny), 1910 (Laffely), 1920 (erroneously again as Leffely) and 1930 (Laffely, Charles is widowed and lives with his son Lewis/Louis, erroneously given as Loris).
Other infos can be found on Maine marriages and Maine death index.

Best regards
Reynold Chollet
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