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Enos Enos
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I have two Enos Enos.

One is said to have emigrated to America around 1834 with his family. He is of Blaennanerch, Cardiganshire, and used to write "englyns" (Welsh poetry).

The other was the son of Owen and Jane Enos, of Cwm, Cardiganshire. He was baptised 31/07/1814 in Verwig (or Ferwig), Cardiganshire.

Enos Enos is a mystery. Did he go to America under a different name?

Enos Enos
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Bonsoir Janine
Je trouve en effet des "ENOS" sur les USA.
Ils sont du Pays de Galle.
Vous n'avez pas les prénoms ?

Owen et Jane sont ils partis aux US?

Enos Enos
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