looking for my lost relatives -
looking for my lost relatives
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I'm looking for my relative who was lost during WWII. She is my half-sister, whose surname is Chakhunashvili.
My father was a soviet soldier, and became a captive of Germans. For years he was living in France with family, but after sometime he leaved everything there and came back to his country.
Unfortunately I've got only her French wife's photo. I don't know anything about her name or any other biographic info.
Can anybody help me how to find her or any ways to find an information about her.

Thank you in advance.
(sorry for writing in English, cos i don't speak French)
looking for my lost relatives
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Good evening,
Your message is posted in a wrong forum, dedicated for searches in The Netherlands. For more results, please leave your message in the following forums "Mains tendues" or "Perdu de vue". Friendly,
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