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Hi, my name is Erick Janssen and I?m looking for my ancestors in my fathers line.
All went well until my 4th great grandfather Thomas Janssen.
It appears that he changed his last name from Houbiers to Janssen, why I don?t know.
His father, who has the same first name, Thomas died in Geulle [Limburg, Netherlands] on 30 November 1775,
[I don?t have a birth date nor place]
Thomas married in Geulle on 16 January 1722 with Petronella [Petronellae] [Goswinus] Thijssen [born 10 March 1691 died 22 October 1758 both in Geulle] daughter of Gosuini [Gerardus] Thijssen and Petronellae Jansen
They had three children:
A twin:
Henricus Houbiers *21 September 1724 - ? ??
god parents: Gerardus Thijssen & Catharina Houbiers
Gosuinus Houbiers *21 September 1724 - ? ??
god parents: Mechtildis Thijssen & Gerardus Noorbeecks

Thomas Houbiers *22 December 1726 - ? 10 December 1787
god parents: Petrus Tulleners, Idae Ackermans Maria Haegers

Thomas Houbiers [junior] all ready changed his name before he married in Geulle on 05 September 1762 with Maria Mechtildis Peeters [*04 October 1738/? ?? ]

I can?t find any information on Thomas Houbiers [senior] is there anybody who can help me??
Thomas Houbiers
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Recherchez éventuellement sur:
Hubier (il y en a en Champagne-Ardennes).
Thomas Houbiers
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You could try this link :

Friendly, Danielle
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