Desbiat in Escou, Pyrenees Atlantiques -
Desbiat in Escou, Pyrenees Atlantiques
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Hi everybody,

Sorry I can't understand French, that's why I write in English.

My name is Antonio, I'm from Madrid, and I'm carrying out an investigation on my family name, Desviat (or Desbiat).

Up to now I know that my surname comes from Escou (Pyrennes Atlantiques) area. Some Desbiat lived there and nearby, including Oloron Saint Marie.

The funny thing is that there is no Desbiat or Desviat alive in France. The surname keeps alive and kicking in Spain and Argentina, but it disappeared in France.

My question comes here. Does anybody know about important migration from Oloron area or Pyrennes Atlantiques to Spain or America? It would explain that this surname had completely disappeared in France.

I will really appreciate any help on this matter.

Please contact me at directly.

Thanks & regards,
Antonio Desviat
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