FILAE attaches a great importance to respect and protection of your privacy. . As part of its genealogical activity, FILAE install a computer processing system that allow the users of the site to find their ancestors, to build their family trees and to visualize the original documents thanks to data collected from public archives.
In order to guarantee the best experience possible, FILAE might need to collect personal information about its users when using the various services and animations offered.

FILAE is committed to managing this information responsibly and protecting it with administrative, technical and physical security measures. For these purposes, FILAE relies on three key principles to ensure respect for your privacy:

  • Simplicity
    We try to use simple terms to help you understand our privacy practices and enable you to make informed choices.
  • Transparency
    We transparently present ti you the personal information that we collect and process.
  • ControleControle.
    We provide you with the tools that allow you to freely provide the information that you share with us and to control the way that it’s used, shared and stored.

We thank you for the trust you place in us by using the services of FILAE. To learn more, we strongly encourage you to read our full privacy policy accessible below.

Effective date : May 25th 2018

FILAE Account creation and services registration
What personal information do you provide to FILAE ?
What information is collected by FILAE when you visit the pages ?
Information gathered from other sources
How does FILAE use your personal information ?
When do we share your information and who are the recipients ?
Access and configuration of your personal information
What are FILAE’s retention practice ?
How to delete my personal information ?
Infrastructure and data security
Data transfer
Changes to our Privacy and Privacy Policy
Data processing Manager contact information


Since its launch, FILAE strives to offer the best experience possible to all its users, whether they are simple visitors, members or subscribers.

For this reason, we collect, process and store your personal information when you use our connected services. Personal Information is an information that allows your identification. This can be your name, email, mailing address, or other information that may be related to your profile.
This document describes our practices regarding the collect, storage and processing of your personal information, as well as the controls implemented by FILAE to manage them. In addition, we have developed a specific policy for managing cookies that describes our use of browsing cookies. This cookie management policy is an integral part of this document

FILAE Account creation and services registration

The personal information required to create a FILAE account is only your name, an e-mail address and a password. Access to genealogical archives hosted at FILAE to help you build a family tree requires additional personal information, including your payment details or your mobile phone for the activation of the free trial.

The creation of your account also requires your acceptance of the FILAE Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy by clicking on the "Create your account" button on the account creation page.
By clicking on the "Create your Account" button you consent to FILAE collecting, processing and sharing your personal information as described in this document.
You can, at any time, ask FILAE to delete information added to your account, such as your family tree or profile data. Following are specific details regarding the removal of your data or account.

What personal information do you provide to FILAE?

The table below shows the list of personal information collected by FILAE to enable you to use its services. All of this information is the subject of our privacy policy.

Information category Usage description
Account Information Your name email address
A password that you provide us when you create a FILAE account
A mobile phone number that you can voluntarily provide to allow you to benefit from a free trial, to authenticate your account or to be contacted by the customer service of FILAE
A mailing address, a birth date, your sex that you can voluntarily provide us
This information is not communicated to other users of FILAE
Payment Information Payment information (credit card number, billing and shipping address) when you buy something on FILAE. Payment information is not stored by FILAE. In the case of subscriptions, the payment information is kept by our payment providers
Paypal ou Payzen.
Profile information Additional personal data that you provide in your profile (for exemple an image, a username, your age, your geographical location, etc.) and which may be visible to other members of FILAE.
User provided content Information you provide about yourself or other living persons when you build or import your family tree or by interacting with other members. Information about deceased persons doesn’t constitute Personal Information.
Data on social media If you use Facebook to connect to the FILAE, we will collect the information you choose to provide (for example, your Facebook profile).
Further information Information you provide when responding to surveys relayed by email or on the websites.
Your communications The messages that you exchange with other users of FILAE through our private messaging. The contributions that you post in the genealogical forums. E-mails or letters that you send to our customer service.
Contests and promotions Personal information provided when you voluntarily participate in the special contests and promotions we organize through our Services.

What information is collected by FILAE when you visit the pages?

Information category Usage description
Data from computers and mobile devices This is technical information about how you access our Services.
Internet Protocol Address ("IP Address") of your computer, mobile device, or the proxy you use to access the Internet Operating System from your computer
Your internet browser.
Your mobile device ID provided by your mobile device and its mobile operating system.
The name of your ISP or mobile operator.
Information from cookies Cookies are inventoried in the document relating to our policy on the management of cookies.
We invite you to refer to it.
Information shared on social media If you interact with the features offered by social media from the FILAE websites (including using the "Like", "Tweet", "Pin" or "Follow us" features of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube), please note that FILAE collects these interactions and any account information that these sites provide to FILAE.
The configuration of these features is governed by the privacy policy of the companies concerned.
Information about your use of the Services Information about your use of FILAE, including when you log in, subscribe, search, or access public archives or public trees, the pages you visit, the links you click on the FILAE pages, or when you add new individuals to your trees, etc.

Information gathered from other sources

Information category Usage description
Information from public or historical records FILAE collects information from a variety of sources, generally freely available and reusable public records, as well as historical documents (including information from official birth registers, death and marriage certificates, census, official publications, newspapers) that may contain personal information about you.
This information is usually part of the archive whose consultation is reserved for subscribers to FILAE.
Information from a third party We may also receive information about you from third parties (genealogists, genealogical associations ...) but also partners.
In addition, when you offer a subscription or a gift box, we collect personal information to personalize the gift, allow the activation and notify the recipient.

How does FILAE use your personal information?

Information category Usage description
Personal Information Your personal information is used to provide, customize, improve, update and expand our services.
This involves, in particular, the following treatments:
Authenticate your access and improve the security of information on FILAE
Manage the payment of subscriptions, services, as well as the sale of physical products and specific services
Develop new services and improve the performance and adequacy of existing products and services to your needs
Help members create and enrich family trees from the data contained in FILAE
Publish surveys to gather additional information to facilitate the development of our services, benefits and initiate research and development projects
Perform scientific, statistical and historical researches.
Detect and prevent any error, fraud or other criminal or malicious activity, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
Communications We use your personal information to communicate with you about our business, including the following actions:
Respond to your inquiries from customer service
Alert you about potential leads to progress in the search for your ancestors ( for example, through alerts or "FILAE hints" identifying potential ancestors in our database), informing you about changes of products or new products and services, and asking you to participate in publications or testimonials on FILAE.
Sell our products and services. We use your personal information to promote our new products and offers, as well as our service updates.
Note: You may customize the way we communicate this information to you through your account preferences or by using the unsubscribe link in the emails you receive.

When do we share your information and who are the recipients?

FILAE undertakes not to share any personal information with third parties without your consent. The elements described below specify under what circumstances the sharing could take place:

Circumstances and recipients of the shares Description
FILAE users based on your sharing choices FILAE uses external service providers to provide access to its services.
These partner companies may, for the purposes of the mission they perform on behalf of FILAE, have some of your information in their systems.
These companies are, in accordance with applicable laws, subject to the contractual obligations governing the security and confidentiality of data.
Payment providers,
Infrastructure, hosting, mailing providers,
Public archive indexing providers,
Back-up providers
R & D partners
The providers that deliver the physical products of our service
The providers who help us in the marketing field, the statistics, and the fraud prevention
Customer service providers.
Service providers FILAE uses external service providers to provide access to its services.
These partner companies may, for the purposes of the mission they perform on behalf of FILAE, have some of your information in their systems.
These companies are, in accordance with applicable laws, subject to the contractual obligations governing the security and confidentiality of data.
Payment providers,
Infrastructure, hosting, mailing providers,
Public archive indexing providers,
Back-up providers
R & D partners
The providers that deliver the physical products of our service
The providers who help us in the marketing field, the statistics, and the fraud prevention
Customer service providers.
Legal and regulatory framework We may, if we believe the need is reasonably based, be led to share your personal information in order to:
comply with a valid legal process (for ex, assignments, warrants)
to apply the terms and conditions of FILAE
guarantee the security and integrity of FILAE's services
protect the rights, property or safety of FILAE, our employees or our users
In the event of acquisition of FILAE In the event that FILAE or any of its activities are acquired or assigned, (including in the event of bankruptcy or similar proceedings), your personal information will be shared with the purchasing entity or final recipient.
The commitments defined in this document will continue to apply to personal information that will be transferred to this new entity.
Consolidated statistical data FILAE can process user information for statistical purposes. These statistical data may, for marketing reasons or for historical or scientific research purposes, be disseminated on FILAE's services or in the media. Such statistics, drawn up in accordance with the legal framework in force, will never contain any personal information. For example, we can give statistics on the number of carriers of a last name for a given region or period.

Access and configuration of your personal information

Subject to certain exceptions, you have the right to access your personal information and to receive in portable form a copy of certain information that you have provided, as well as to request the update, removal or correction of this information using the tools described below or by contacting FILAE. The data and information access options are mentioned below.

Type Choix
FILAE You may access the Personal information that you have provided to FILAE (including your email address, your username, your profile information, etc.) and update it at any time in the following sections of the settings :
My account
Archived documents
Access requests
Your messages
Such disclosures will never include Personal information. To manage the privacy settings of your family trees hosted on Filae, you must, from the Your Trees page, click on the tree settings icon and customize the "Settings" and "Confidentiality".
Downloading Family Tree Information FILAE allows you to download your family tree information in the standard GEDCOM format from the Gedcom tree settings menu.
Related marks FILAE strives to simplify the management of your confidentiality for all of its services.
These conditions apply to all brands:

What are FILAE's retention practices?

The practice of genealogy and adherence to the services developed by FILAE highlights the duration of any genealogical research. The multiplicity of trails to explore, their permanent regeneration, the growth of the community of members, the geographic, chronological and thematic enrichment of new sources of information, the evolution of the delays of public archives communication and the progress of the technology contribute to making genealogy a permanent journey whose end is never reached.

Finally, there is no genealogical practice without transmitting a family history to future generations. As a result, and especially for users who have subscribed to FILAE's fee-based services, FILAE's retention practices reflect this awareness of the sustainability of an approach by keeping accounts active until users inform FILAE of their wish to delete their data or close their account.

Category of information Retention period
Account FILAE retains the personal information you provide when you create your account until you request the closure of the account.
Family tree Due to the cross-generational importance of family trees, FILAE keeps your family tree data if possible to provide you with ongoing access, up-to-date features, and the ability to improve your family tree.
Genealogical testament FILAE offers its members in the parameters of the tree to share their last wishes about the tree they have hosted at FILAE.
Usage information In some cases, we choose to keep usage information (such as website visits) in anonymized or grouped form. Once grouped  or anonymized, this information ceases to be personal and will no longer be subject to removal requests from FILAE users.

How to delete my personal information?

Several features allow users of FILAE to delete their personal information.

Category of information How to remove them
Personal information Links to manage, edit, and delete your personal information are listed in the "Access and configuration of your Personal Information" section of this document.
However, if you need specific help to remove your personal information, please submit a removal request to our Customer Service.
In order to be processed, this request must include the exact wording of the information as it appears on the websites as well as the Internet addresses (URL) of the pages where the information is located.
Since you have shared information by sharing your public family tree, FILAE will not be able to remove copies of information that may have been stored by other FILAE members with researches that are common to yours.
Some personal information may be included in the family tree of other members of FILAE. They can only be removed by the owner of the tree. We will notify the user of your removal request and tell them how to grant your request.
Information in the Archives FILAE may hold official documents (Archives records) containing personal information. In order to preserve the integrity of these archives, FILAE has the obligation not to modify the documents and to keep them as they are.
Your request to remove information from archival documents should be directed to the archiving entity mentioned in the "Source" of the documents.
We will review requests for removal of personal information from searchable indexes of records that we maintain on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with law.
General provisions Please note that a delay may apply to the removal of your personal information from our backup systems once we have removed them from our production, development, analysis and search systems.
FILAE may also retain certain information necessary to comply with our legal obligations (including requests from public authorities), to resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse, and comply with tax and commercial obligations. .
Finally, FILAE is not able to dereference deleted information that could remain indexed in third-party search engines (ex : Google or Bing). It is necessary to get closer to the editors of those services to request the dereference of this information.

Infrastructure and data security

FILAE has devoted its best efforts to developing an information security program designed to protect the personal information of our customers by using administrative, physical or technical devices.

Appropriate security measures are used depending on the sensitivity of the personal information stored in order to prevent any inappropriate access, loss or misuse of this information.
FILAE's technical teams regularly improve our security and privacy practices to ensure the integrity of our systems and the information they hold. FILAE is unable to guarantee the absence of any loss, misuse or alteration of the data, but guarantees to make reasonable efforts to prevent them.

It is also important that users guard against unauthorized access to their personal information by choosing complex passwords, failing to pass their credentials to third parties, and preventing unauthorized persons from using their own computers.

Data Transfer

In the case of indexing projects of historical or genealogical documents, transfers of personal information between FILAE, based in France and its extra-UE providers, are governed by standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission and governing the transfer mechanisms.

Changes to our Privacy and Privacy Policy

FILAE reserves the right, at any time, to modify this document. Significant changes will be reported to you in advance by e-mail or publication of a notice on our websites so that you can review the changes made and determine if you wish to continue using our services.

We will also notify you of minor changes to our privacy and confidentiality policy as of their effective date through notice on our websites.

Using the services developed by FILAE after being notified of the changes means that you agree to the update.
If you object to any changes, you may delete your account directly online or by contacting our Customer Service.

Data Processing Manager Contact Information

The use of your personal data as well as any request relating to your Personal Information is managed by FILAE SA. The details of FILAE are indicated at the bottom of this document.

In France, the “Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés” is responsible for ensuring the protection of personal data contained in computer files and processes. Each user may seize the commission of any deficiencies in the protection of their personal information. The address of the CNIL is 3 place Fontenoy, TSA 80715, 75334 Paris Cedex 07, phone: +33 (0) 1 53 73 22 22.
FILAE has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO or DPD), They are responsible for ensuring the protection of personal data and compliance with the law within the company.

To contact the Data Protection Officer, you can use one of the following means :
- Online file, click here
- Mailing address :
Délégué à la protection des données
91 rue Réaumur
75002 PARIS

To ensure prompt processing of your request, please indicate any element to facilitate your identification, including your email address.

Last update : December 14th, 2022