The Website will allow you to host for free your family tree, to enrich, print and share it with the community according to the modalities you choose. You will maintain ownership of your genealogical data that you host at Filae’s. You can remove them at any time and Filae SA commit to make no other use than that allowing the management of your trees in accordance with the settings you have chosen. Once your tree is deleted, the data it contained will no longer appear in the search index of the site.
The trees are a precious help, sometimes even unique, to unblock genealogical research. However, they must be handled with care and with a critical eye by checking the sources and trying to cross the information with other data. Filae does not guarantee the veracity or authenticity of all the information contained in the family trees that it hosts.

Sharing and courtesy in Genealogy

There are no genealogical research without shared information, pooling, union of various works, enrichment of pre-existing contents, re-appropriation of previous research. The genealogy is a work of patience that travel through time and the generations and is enriched with successive layers ... It’s its richness and its beauty!
Nevertheless, that doesn’t exclude the respect of the work of others. If you share a tree, think about those who will access them and those who have helped you by indicating your sources and your loans. It will give more value to the information it contains.
If you access a tree, have a kind word for the person who posted it, don’t use the pre-filled message to request access. Who knows, you might be speaking with a distant cousin. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch if you find information about common branches.

User responsibilities

Under the law, you are responsible for the data you host on our site, so it is your responsibility to verify that you are the owner or that you have the necessary distribution permissions for the information contained in your family trees and likely to be subject to copyright. This information doesn’t concern the names, dates, events, filiations or places present in your trees but may be photos, audio or video recordings, biographies created by third parties and whose use exceeds the scope of the quote or fair use.
Your trees may contain information about people still alive. You can at any time directly modify or make confidential the genealogical data concerning the living persons, present in your trees, If they ask for it. To this end, Filae provides you with a tool that allows you to make certain records confidential. If you make a record confidential, it means that this information is only accessible to you alone, even if you decide to share your tree.

Reporting contentious content

As the owner of a tree, you agree to respond diligently to any legitimate request for modification or deletion and to act upon it as soon as possible. In case of impossibility to contact you, refusal on your part or if the requested modifications or deletions did not intervene within a reasonable time from the request of the third party concerned, the latter is invited to inform Filae using the form Customer Service and indicating the following information :

  • the date of the notification
  • the identity of the notifier : name, first name, address, nationality, date and place of birth
  • name or username of the owner of the tree
  • the description of the disputed facts and their precise location (ex : name of the family tree, record of the individual)
  • the reasons for which the content must be remove, including the legal provisions and factual jus justifications
  • copy of his request and the possible negative response of the owner of the tree

In the event that the request for modification made by the third party is clearly legitimate, Filae reserves the right, after formal notice of the user concerned, to hide the data directly and, in case of repetition, to simply delete the account of the user concerned. No claim would be able to be made.

Thank you for respecting the rules of the community.

Good genealogical research